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EquaLight 3

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Price: $59.00
Item Number: EQ3
Manufacturer: Robin Myers Imaging
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EquaLight™, an indispensible tool for fine art reproduction!

This is a program for all fine art photographers that need a solution for lighting falloff.

Equalight™ compensates an image for lens falloff and lighting falloff. Lens falloff, also known as cosine fourth falloff, is a result of bending light through a lens and its aperture. The wider angle the lens, the more the light intensity falls off from the center to the edge of the image.

Lighting falloff is caused by the drop in intensity as the distance from the light is increased. The type of lamp, its shape, the size of the lighting fixture, its reflectors and diffusers, all of these can affect the light intensity distribution.

The combination of lens and lighting falloff can produce a very non-uniform intensity pattern. While most programs have simple lens falloff compensation, EquaLight™ has a very easy and effective way to compensate for any light intensity falloff.

The method is very easy: shoot a white subject with the same conditions as the original image and give both images to EquaLight. It will correct the original for the intensity falloff in one easy step.

Profiles made from unequalized images can suffer from tone curve and color errors due to the profile attempting to compensate for the intensity falloff. For this reason, anyone making profiles in the studio can benefit from EquaLight™ adjusting the intensity of the color chart image before making a profile.

Fine art reproduction photographers can also use EquaLight™ to equalize the light intensity falloff in their artwork images, in addition to getting better profiles.

Important: People who purchased EquaLight™ 2 in 2010 will get a free upgrade to EquaLight™ 3. An email will be sent to you with the new unlock code.

Purchasers of EquaLight™ before 2010 can purchase an upgrade for a reduced price.

What you are actually purchasing here is the unlock code for the Demo mode version of EquaLight™. Upon receiving your order we will send you the unlock code by email when the order is processed. Orders are processed Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM PST. Orders received after hours or on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day. We invite you to ...

Try before you buy!

To get your Demo copy of EquaLight™, begin by downloading one of the following versions.
EquaLight™ 3.0 for Mac OS X (10.4 or later) (3.6 MB compressed file)

EquaLight™ 3.0 for Windows XP (1.9 MB compressed zip file)
The program will operate in a Demo mode until you enter a password. In the Demo mode, it will not save the equalized image.

If you decide to buy, just come back here, purchase the software, and the unlock code will be emailed to you as described above.

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