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Digital Gray Card

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Price: Discontinued
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Item Number: DGC-100
Manufacturer: Robin Myers Imaging
Many gray cards are not well suited for digital photography; they have color casts in different lighting, they were designed for use with film, they are very susceptible to damage, etc. For these and other reasons, we have developed the Digital Gray Card.

This gray card has many advantages:
  • Spectrally uniform - The card maintains its constant gray appearance in a wide variety of lighting conditions.
  • Durable plastic material - Lightweight, strong and can withstand professional and amateur photographers.
  • Waterproof - A gray card you will not be afraid to use in wet weather.
  • Washable - It can be cleaned with soap and cold water to remove fingerprints and grime.
  • Repairable - Small surface scratches can be repaired by the user with a random orbit sander.
Note: The Digital Gray Card is designed for digital photographers only. It will not work with film light meters.

This is the smaller, pocket size 10 x 15 cm. (approximately 4 x 6 in.).

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